(US, dir. Roko Belic)
The Black Balloon
(Australia, dir. Elissa Down)
Vincent Wants to Sea
(Germany, dir. Ralf Huettner)

Welcome to the first One of Us film festival exploring mental health!

The aim of One of Us film festival is to bring attention to the diversity of experiences in mental illness and health. A small number of films have been selected from Australia and around the world, showing the colours and challenges of mental illness as well as inspiring mental health and wellbeing.

Our opening night will feature a new hit from Germany, Vincent Wants to Sea (dir. Ralf Huettner), which in combination with the short documentary Flying Anne (Netherlands, dir. Cathrine van Campen ) shows the difficulties, sensitivities as well as curious situations experienced in Tourette's syndrome. Love of life is demonstrated in Veronika Decides to Die (US, dir. Emily Young), a film adaptation of the bestselling novel by Paulo Coelho. And happiness is explored in a documentary genre, HAPPY (USA, dir. Roko Belic) combining brain science with remarkable human stories from across the globe. The Australian film, The Black Balloon (dir. Elissa Down) starring Toni Collette, takes a realistic yet warm look at how family and community relationships are impacted by mental illness.

One of Us film festival will also be an opportunity to find out more about current research in mental health (especially from BDC, Westmead) as well as to make contacts and find information and resources on mental health in the community.

We hope you enjoy One of Us film festival and we look forward to seeing you at the cinema!

Anna Watters
Festival Director

Contact phone number 02 9845 8195 Email oneofusff@brain-dynamics.net

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